The Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club [HRSCC]

Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club (HRSCC) provides formal chess competition opportunities for children in grades Pre-K through 12 of all abilities, from local rookie tournaments to national championships.

Site:   Effective 14 September, HRSCC will have three separate meeting locations:

The primary site is at the Mid-Atlantic Chess Center in Virginia Beach, Pembroke Office Park, Building 4, 291 Independence Blvd, Suite 515, Virginia Beach

The Peninsula Satellite Club site is at Ivy Memorial Baptist Church in Hampton, 2200 Coliseum Drive

HRSCC will also maintain a virtual club on our private server at the request of our members.

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 When:   The club meets every Tuesday during the school year from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Cost: $75 per 12-week session — Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Price includes annual  ChessKid Gold and HRCA membership.  Discounts for multi-child families available.  HRSCC members are also required to train in order to compete.  Classes are taken an additional night of the week in person or online through the Mid-Atlantic Chess Center.  Thanks to the Joan H. Schlich Memorial Scholarship Fund, we strive to turn no child away for inability to pay.

About:  When children can play a complete game of “legal” chess, even at a rookie level, they can join the Tuesday night competition club (HRSCC) if they so desire.  We break our playing sections down by ability, not age — usually Rookie (not rated), Novice (U400 or U500), Amateur (U800), and Elite (800+).  HRSCC members enjoy many additional opportunities not afforded to children who are only taking classes, and most events have awards, presented the last day of each self-contained quarterly session.  This is a new structure for 2021-2022.  Some familiar year-long awards will remain, such as the ChessKid challenge, HRCA Cup, and Most Improved.  Of note, the Ladder has been removed from HRSCC and made into a separate program under the Mid-Atlantic Chess Center.  On Tuesday nights, HRSCC members play a tournament round or complete event in various formats (new schedule coming soon!), as well as having a little extra time for casual play.  Members are expected to participate in additional Saturday / weekend tournament opportunities run by HRCA or other organizations.

Current COVID Protocols:

Per current CDC guidance, masks are required at all times indoors at HRCA scholastic clubs and events, regardless of vaccination status.  We will continue to have sanitizing wipes and spray on hand for members who wish to sanitize their equipment before or after use.  We will no longer be asking screening questions or conducting temperature checks.  Members are strongly encouraged to respect the health of fellow members by staying home if they feel sick or believe they may have been exposed to COVID.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate this transition. HRCA will continue to offer virtual options in the fall for members who are uncomfortable playing in person.

Stay tuned to this page for updates about the 2021-2022 season.