The Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club [HRSCC]



Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club (HRSCC) provides formal chess competition opportunities for children in grades Pre-K through 12 of all abilities, from local rookie tournaments to national championships.


When in person…

Eastminster Presbyterian Church
3229 MacDonald Road in
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Enter through door on the side of the church (from the parking lot).

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 When:   The club meets online every Tuesday during the school year from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.

Cost: $25 annual  registration fee, monthly dues of $15, $10 annual HRCA membership, $15 annual ChessKid Gold (required, for online training), $30 tech fee. Discounts for multi-child families available.  Season total cost $230.  HRSCC members are also required to train in order to compete.  Classes are taken an additional night of the week online through the Virtual Chess Center.  HRSCC members get $150 training credit each season.  Thanks to the Joan H. Schlich Memorial Scholarship Fund, no child will be turned away for inability to pay.

About:  New this year, the training component of the club has been separated out and takes place one additional night per week for our members, as part of the Virtual Chess Center.  There is no more wait list for HRSCC!  When children can play a complete game of “legal” chess, even at a rookie level, they can join the Tuesday night competition club (HRSCC) if they so desire.  HRSCC members enjoy many additional opportunities not afforded to children who are only taking classes, and most events have awards, in addition to season-long competitions like the ChessKid challenge, HRCA Cup, and Most Improved.  On Tuesday nights, HRSCC members play a tournament round or complete event in various formats (new schedule coming soon!), as well as competing on our “Ladder” (see rules linked below).  Members are expected to participate in additional Saturday / weekend tournament opportunities run by HRCA or other organizations.  For the 2020-2021 season, all HRSCC tournaments will be played online on our private chess server (coming soon!). We will continue to monitor the situation for a gradual and safe return to over-the-board play for the children.  All HRCA Cup events will be held online this season, guaranteed.  In person events are extra and optional.                            

HRSCC Tuesday Event Schedule 2020-2021

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Hampton Roads Scholastic Chess Club Ladder Rules