FM Morefield’s Chess Curriculum

Hello! My name is Jason Morefield, and I’m a FIDE Master from central Virginia. This is a chess curriculum I created with enough information to give anyone interested a solid grasp of the fundamentals of chess. In addition, the intent is to provide direction to students aiming to build beyond the contents of this course.

This curriculum takes the form of a video series embedded on this site, with a supplementary PDF (Course Notes and Summary) that can be used as additional learning material. As this is a video series, feel free to pause the videos, re-watch them, take notes, or do anything else that you feel will help you absorb the content. Although the videos total approximately two hours, it will likely take much longer than that to fully absorb all of the content.

The videos were recorded by myself, family members, volunteers from the Hampton Roads Chess Association, and a few close friends. All scripts were written by me. More information about the creation of this project can be found in the “About” section.

Below is a Table of Contents for the course material. Hope it is useful to you!