Donate to the HRCA

The Hampton Roads Chess Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization that can receive tax deductible gifts to help fund our programs and activities. We need your help to accomplish our goals. Your charitable donation in any amount is greatly appreciated.

This is a very rough draft but has some content. I recommend we add a link in the black area that appears in every page named Donate and remove the separate links to the two programs below. That way, as we add more programs that can be the subject of a specific donation the black area does not keep growing. 

Our link to donate here    Click to see how the Chess trust does it.     Click to see the chess trust donor page.        Click to see their annual letter.

When you make a donation, you may designate it to support one of our specific programs. If you do not designate a specific program, we will use the donation to support the HRCA activities and programs as needed. We currently have two programs.

The Joan H Schlich Memorial Scholarship.          The Chess Center Capital Campaign.