Additional Resources

In this section, we list some websites to play and study chess on, provide resources for tournament play, and suggest chess content creators on Twitch and YouTube. All recommendations are unbiased opinions from FM Jason Morefield and are not paid for in any way by the sites listed.

RECOMMENDED CHESS WEBSITES If you’re not looking to spend any money, has the absolute best value out of any chess site. Not only is it ad-free for everyone, but there isn’t even an option to get a premium membership (you can donate to the site, though). allows you to play unlimited online games, solve unlimited online puzzles, and use their study and learning features to improve your game entirely for free. It has a smaller user base than but still has a lot of active players, including (occasionally) the World Champion, Magnus Carlsen. Lichess also has a mobile app but works fine in the mobile browser. If you’re willing to spend money or are a titled player, is likely the best option for an online game server. A free membership comes with ads and limited puzzles, as well as unlimited games, but where really shines is in its paid content: the website has a lot of instructional videos, drills, and resources that can be accessed through a membership. Titled players get a free membership but are unlikely to benefit much from the extra resources. also has a mobile app, but mobile browser performance varies. Essentially an online chess bookstore, except unlike a bookstore it has a lot of free content and a built-in study system. Books on Chessable are read alongside a chessboard that updates as the board does, and after learning them the site will give you the position again after a while for review. The way the study system works is too long to put here, so look on their site if you’re interested. It’s a fantastic way to study openings and endgames which usually require memorization, and a fantastic bookstore overall.  Unfortunately the app is currently available only on iOS and not Android at the time of writing. A version of that is directed specifically towards kids. With built-in structures for parents and coaches, and online protections that allow kids to play in a safe environment, ChessKid is a great choice for aspiring chess players under the age of 13. also has paid videos and resources that can be accessed through a membership.

TOURNAMENT RESOURCES The official United States Chess Federation website. It is necessary to obtain a membership with them before participating in a USCF-rated tournament.


(Disclaimer) All recommendations are as of April 10, 2021 and are my personal opinion at this time. All Twitch channels are PG-13 unless stated otherwise.

GothamChess (Youtube) (Twitch)

Run by IM Levy Rozman, the GothamChess channel focuses on long instructional videos on YouTube (including among others opening videos, event recaps, and instructional games). It provides a relaxed environment (often bantering with chat) on Twitch.

John Bartholomew (Youtube) (Twitch)

Run by IM John Bartholomew, this channel focuses on instructive chess content and gameplay on both Twitch and YouTube. He focuses mainly on commentating his own gameplay but has been known to post other types of chess videos.

Agadmator (Youtube) – real name not listed

The most popular chess content creator on Youtube, Agadmator focuses mostly on game analysis of both recent and classic games. Agadmator does not stream on Twitch.


The channels listed here are three of the most popular, but there is a lot of chess content on Twitch and Youtube that you can search for if interested. Many grandmasters also stream but many have not amassed as large a following as these three. There are many others that I could list here, but I wouldn’t want this page to be longer than the curriculum!

ChessicallyInclined (Youtube) (Old Youtube) (Twitch)

Run by me (FM Jason Morefield). If I post any more videos or am able to stream again (which I intend on doing) this will be where I do it.