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Justin Armstrong a HRCA member has set up a club for HRCC and HRSCC members on and organizes tournaments there. He is organizing events between members for the HRCA while we are closed. I expect this may continue after the club reopens. The events can be between members or our club against other clubs on This is a wonderful opportunity to play against our members on-line or with them against other clubs in

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PLAY IN TOURNAMENTS FREE GOLD PLATINUM & DIAMOND Tournaments unlimited unlimited unlimited
Member-created Tournaments 1 10 unlimited
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Join the Hampton Roads Chess Club.  Log into On the left, click “Connect” and then “Clubs.” On the right side of the page that comes up, click “Find Clubs,” and then type in Hampton Roads Chess Club. Click Join and leave a note to let the organizer know who you are and which club you play in (HRCC or HRSCC) — e.g. this is first name last name, and I’m in Coach Dan’s class at HRSCC. Or this is first name last name and I play at HRCC. It’s not always obvious from your username. Have fun!

If you are already a member you will be notified about upcoming events. Reply to Rasmir  [Justin] to enter.

Tournaments – These Swiss events that have timed play like G/15;d0. they finish in one day, normally taking less than 5 hours.  You must request to play will receive invitations to play in the events.

Matches – These are events played between clubs.  They are turn based events. This means that you will have x days to move.  Typical turns are 3 day or 5 day. You will play two games against one player having both white and black.  The games start at the same time so you will play both games at the same time.

Our upcoming events and events in progress:
If you are not playing you can see the standings and games on the website if you are a club member on Just go to the club.

HRCC vs the World March 2020  Started 3/21/2020 A 3 day turn based match between clubs. Closed to new entries.

Shenandoah Valley Chess Club vs Hampton Roads Chess Club  Started 3/22  A 5 day turn based match between clubs . Closed to new entries.

Completed events can also be seen after logging into the HRCC club.