Our 2019-2020 School Chess Programs

All HRCA in-person chess clubs at school are closed due to COVID-19.  Please see the list below for clubs that are continuing to meet via Zoom during this time.

HRCA has full programs with coaches at the following Hampton Roads Schools in 2019-2020.

Old Donation School, Virginia Beach (ZOOM / Online)

Saint Gregory the Great School, Virginia Beach (TBD)

New Castle Elementary School, Virginia Beach (Concluded for the season)

Sherwood Forest Elementary School, Norfolk (ZOOM / Online)

NKA Homeschool Collective, Norfolk (ZOOM / Online)

Trantwood Elementary School, Virginia Beach (Two separate programs / days include a Club and a competition Team) (ZOOM / Online – Team) (TBD – Club)

Granby Elementary School, Norfolk (TBD)

RSA Homeschool Cooperative, Suffolk (Concluded for the season)

Yeates Middle School, Suffolk (TBD)

Lindenwood Elementary School, Norfolk (ZOOM / Online)

Syms Middle School, Hampton (ZOOM / Online)

Kingston Elementary School, Virginia Beach (ZOOM / Online)

We also support and partner with countless other schools by providing free curriculum resources and guidance to teachers who have started chess clubs at their schools.  A few of these include:

Great Neck Middle School, Virginia Beach

Nansemond Parkway Elementary School, Suffolk

Woodstock Elementary School, Virginia Beach

Grace Homeschool Cooperative, Virginia Beach