HRSCC 2019-2020 Season Registration

This form is for use ONLY by existing HRSCC members. We must hear back from every member on whether or not you plan to return for the 2019-2020 season, which runs from September 10th, 2019 to June 9th, 2020.


Parents must fulfill club volunteering requirements, which is one slot per month during the season, or the equivalent (8-9 slots, given holidays and half months). Failure to fulfill volunteer commitments will place your child on the BOTTOM of the wait list for the following season, and your slot will go to a wait listed child. Please note that ANYONE can fulfill this commitment for your family, including parents, grandparents, older siblings, nannies, and the children themselves. If you need work-from-home options, please contact us. This policy is already in place for 2018-2019 and is reflected in the questions below.

We will have some new policies in the fall, for your planning purposes. If your child will be absent for more than 3 consecutive weeks, they will be removed from the roster, and the slot will be given to a child on the wait list. Reasons for extended absences usually involve conflicts with other activities, parental schedule changes / transportation issues, or temporary loss of interest on the part of the child. Parents will no longer be able to pay to hold a slot while their child is out for more than 3 consecutive weeks. This is not about loss of income for the club, it is about loss of opportunity for the 75+ kids on our wait list. The good news is this: HRSCC fully supports kids exploring various interests and taking breaks from an activity when needed, so it is not our intention to emplace policies that will make it impossible for your child to return to the club. Therefore, any child absent for more than 3 consecutive weeks and removed from the roster will, at the request of the parent, be placed at the TOP of the wait list for return. This means they may not IMMEDIATELY get a slot when they are ready to return, but the wait should be very short. We feel this is the best compromise to ensure our kids have the opportunity to explore different activities and take breaks, while not preventing our wait listed kids from being able to take those empty seats during long absences. Parents will be required to tell us up front that their child will be out for an extended period and should be removed from the roster. Do NOT string us along week to week, as you will be removed from the roster based on attendance anyway, and you will have denied a wait listed child up to a month’s worth of training. Parents who do not responsibly notify us in a timely manner of an upcoming extended absence risk their child being placed at the BOTTOM of the wait list if and when they want to return.

Another new policy for 2019-2020 is that you MUST commit to bringing your child to AT LEAST TWO non-Tuesday night (in house / club) tournaments over the course of the season. These could be HRCA-hosted Saturday tournaments at the church, VSCA tournaments elsewhere in our region, ARCC tournaments in North Carolina, or any other tournament suitable for your child and manageable for your family. HRSCC is a competition club. We make that known to our members and families up front. If your child is not interested in competing in tournaments, HRSCC is not the club for them. There are Rookie / Not Rated sections available at every local tournament, so lack of experience is no excuse. Again, this policy is put in place to check the true commitment of our families to tournament chess. If the commitment is not there, a child on the wait list will not be denied that opportunity. ***THIS POLICY DOES NOT APPLY TO GUPPIES***

Once you complete this registration form, there will be forms for you to fill out, which will be posted to the website and also available in hard copy at the club. These forms will include a liability waiver, photo release, and emergency medical form. These forms are necessary for a formal non-profit such as HRCA. Additionally, there will be a CODE OF CONDUCT for you and your child to sign. This code of conduct will lay out behavioral expectations while attending club activities. Failure to comply with the code of conduct may result in removal from the club. This code is being put in place to ensure HRCA is aligned with the US Chess Federation Code of Ethics, as well as to safeguard our children physically and emotionally.

Finally, for our most advanced members who are on the fence, be aware that there will be a NEW TRAINING GROUP in the fall that may be just what you are looking for. We understand that a player rated say over 1400 is not best served by continuing to play in local scholastic events, including our in-house tournaments. Therefore, we are introducing a new group called CANDIDATE MASTERS (no, you don’t earn the official international title by signing up) that will be coached by five-time Virginia State Champion National Master Dan Miller. These students will attend HRSCC weekly for two hours of TRAINING with NM Miller. These students will NOT compete in our in-house tournaments. They will have required homework, and they will be strongly guided toward the correct tournaments for them to play in to improve their abilities and ratings. This group is for students who are willing to put the work in to become National Masters themselves. In fact, this group will be open to ADULTS from HRCC, as well (at a cost of $50/month). Parents of these students must be committed and understand that if your child wants to become a National Master, they must TRAVEL to tournaments appropriate to this goal. The fee for this group will be the same as the other groups for the kids, as their costs simply shift from in-house awards, rating fees, etc. to paying the coach more. This is an incredible opportunity for our highest rated kids to remain with HRSCC no matter how advanced they get. Don’t pass it up!!!!! Admission to this group is recommended for players rated 1200 and up but will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Players currently in the Mosasaurus group and not desiring to change over to Candidate Masters (ie desire to continue to play in HRSCC tournaments, do not desire to do homework, do not desire to travel for tournaments and put the work in for Master) will be folded back into the Megalodons group (but will still earn the title Mosasaurus upon hitting 1100 rating). There may be some other tweaking of the lines as usual for ability groups each season, based on sign-ups and the progress of the kids.

PLEASE DO NOT PAY your annual registration fee until you have been informed that your fall registration is approved. At that time, you may pay through the normal payment methods — $20 per child with 50% off for third and subsequent children. Dues will remain $10/month (with multi-child discount remaining the same). ChessKid fee is increasing to $15 per account per year because our cost per account is going up in September. HRCA membership fees are also increasing effective 1 September from $5/year to $10/year for our core club members. Everyone has different expiration dates, so your fee will go up at your first renewal after September 1st.

If you are in need of a scholarship to pay your fees, please contact us!!!! We turn no child away for inability to pay. This includes outside tournament registration fees!

Thank you for making HRSCC the best chess club in America! Now go forth and re-register!!! Note: You will need to fill out a separate form for EACH child in the family!

Please use this form to sign up.