Weekly Homework

Weekly homework assignments for Tuesday nights at HRSCC are posted here!

Homework Due November 13th, 2018:  

Guppies (Coach Rey): 

Minnows (Coach Julie, Coach Heather, and Coach Mary):  

Rockfish (Coach Robbie and Coach Dick):

Challenge coach Dick or coach Robbie to a slow game on chess Kid

Coach Dick- crscruffy
Coach Robbie- tartmaterial

Swordfish (Coach Bryant):  

Dolphins (Coach Scott, Coach Nathan, and Coach Gideon):  Step 2 post-test — you will receive an e-mail with the test (we may not have the test in time for next class, in which case this homework will be postponed until the following week).

Sharks (Coach Mark and Coach Brian):  Page 10 in your Step 3 workbook.

Orcas (Coach Jack):  

Megalodons (Coach Nemanja):  

Mosasaurus (Coach James):