Weekly Homework

Weekly homework assignments for Tuesday nights at HRSCC are posted here!

Homework Due 15 January 2019:

Guppies (Coach Rey): Please see the e-mail that Coach Rey sent out to Guppy parents for your homework.

Minnows (Coach Julie, Coach Heather, and Coach Mary):  Complete pages 19 and 20 in your Step 1 workbook (the assessment / test).

Rockfish (Coach Robbie and Coach Dick): Play three 10-minute games on ChessKid.  Continue to challenge your coaches to Slow Chess games using the usernames below:

Coach Dick- crscruffy
Coach Robbie- hotdogbob

Swordfish (Coach Bryant):  None provided (may have been given in class)

Dolphins (Coach Scott, Coach Nathan, and Coach Gideon):  None provided (may have been given in class)

Sharks (Coach Mark and Coach Brian):  Notate the first ten moves (black and white) of the Ruy Lopez opening — any correct variation.

Orcas (Coach Jack):  

“Rook Before you Leap”
Google this game on chess games.com
-Be prepared to play and discuss at our next class. Write chess notation for this game in your chess notebook and watch a YouTube video.

 Megalodons (Coach Nemanja):  White to play.  Can you win or is it a draw?  Back up your answer with a variation.


Mosasaurus (Coach James): Play five Blitz games.