Weekly Announcements

New Announcements for November 6th:


See the tournament results tab on the HRSCC dropdown menu for the final standings of our “Fabi’s Fans Pre-Match Match” Tournament from October 30th.  There are no awards for this event.  We hope you had fun!

Standing Announcements:

Please continue to sign up to Volunteer (once per month required).  Use the link pinned to the top of the Facebook page or from the Volunteer tab on the HRSCC dropdown menu to sign up in advance.  Our volunteer coordinator is logging your hours for the Presidential Volunteer Service Awards (adults and kids).  If you would like to submit retroactive hours, please see Amy Nichols at club.

We STILL need a new Librarian / Logistician – permanent volunteer staff position.  See Tina.

We STILL need an Assistant Treasurer on an as-needed basis.  See Tina or Cheryl.

We need an Administrative Assistant to the HRCA President (Tina) — permanent volunteer staff position.  See Tina.

It is imperative that you let Coach Tina know in advance if you will NOT be at club.  This allows us to enter Byes in advance and know how many board numbers to lay out, saving time and allowing us to run each club meeting smoothly.  E-Mail prior to 4 PM on Tuesdays if possible.  Last minute absences (e.g. child comes home sick from school, car breaks down, impossible traffic, etc.) should be texted to 757-535-3880 prior to 5:30 PM, as should planned late arrivals.  Rounds will start between 6 and 6:15 PM weekly, so if you can guarantee arrival by 6, you will be paired (but you will miss training).  If you are a “no show” (absent with no notice), you will receive a zero point bye for that night’s round.  If your absence is known in advance, you are entitled to one half point bye per tournament.  Subsequent absences will receive a zero point bye for the same tournament.  Despite these pleas, we still had a few no-shows last week.

Tickets:  Coach Tina will only be issuing tickets for weekly ChessKid usage and for extra activity such as participation in external tournaments.  Tickets for attendance are contingent on good behavior in class and will be awarded by the coaches, as will homework (workbooks, etc.) tickets.  See the Weekly Homework tab on the HRSCC dropdown menu for your assignments!   The chess store will be open each week for you to purchase items with your tickets.

Visit the “Pre-Order Chess Stuff” page on the site to put in your orders for the big season opening order to be placed ASAP.  There are hardly any orders in so far, so I’m extending for another week.

This website has been updated.  Take some time to look at important pages such as Homework, Tournament Clearinghouse, Private Coaches, Special Events, as well as the Calendar.  The new 2018-2019 schedule for HRSCC is now posted on the website.  More helpful information is coming soon, so check back frequently!

See you Tuesday (November 13th)!