IndiaFest Chess Championship 2018

AIHR and HRCA partnered to run a chess competition in conjunction with IndiaFest 2018.

65 children participated across four sections divided by age and ability group.  Click the link below for final results.

IndiaFest 2018 Final Results

Awards will be presented on November 10th at IndiaFest at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.  Players finishing in the top 3 in each section will receive their awards on stage during an award ceremony for all the competitions.  All other players may pick up their awards at the volunteer desk between 2 and 5 PM during the Fest.  Players finishing in 4th and 5th place in each section will receive small trophies.  Other players finishing with at least 2 points will receive a medal.  All other players will receive a ribbon.  All players are encouraged to attend IndiaFest for the day, stopping by the volunteer desk to receive their awards.

See for information on IndiaFest 2018.