HRCA Summer Beginner Chess Camp 2020

Hampton Roads Chess Association is pleased to present Summer Beginner Chess Camp!

Eastminster Presbyterian Church, 3229 MacDonald Road, Virginia Beach

July 27-31, 2020

Full Day 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM

Beginner camp provides a fun environment with plenty of movement and changing activities and practice time to keep kids engaged!

What your child will learn:

How to set up a board and move the pieces, including castling and en passant rules

Other chess rules, such as all the ways a game can end in a draw

Chess etiquette, sportsmanship, resiliency, etc.

How to take chess notation during a game

The value of the pieces, making good trades, and calculating

Good opening principles

Basic endgames such as the Rook Roller, Queen & King vs King, Rook & King vs King, and “Helper” mates

Basic pawn structure and pawn promotion concepts and techniques

Tactics: Pin, Fork, Skewer, Discovered Attack, Deflection, Attraction, Decoy, Remove the Defender

Very basic positional concepts

Your child will go from 0 to 60 at this Beginner camp. Even if they’ve never touched a chess board before, at the end of five days, they will be tournament ready!

Cost: $275

 Payment Plans Available

Register in February: $45/month Feb-Jun; Final payment $50 in July
Register in March: $90 in March; $45/month Apr-Jun; Final payment $50 in July
Register in April: $135 in April; $45/month May-June; Final payment $50 in July
Register in May: $180 in May; $45 in June; Final payment $50 in July
Register in June: $225 payment in June; Final payment $50 in July
Register in July: $275 due

$25 non-refundable admin fee included. Cancel by 5/31, remainder of payments fully refundable. Cancel by 6/30, half of payments refundable. Cancel in July – payments non-refundable.

Once you have registered for camp, you will receive an invoice for payment.


Summer Beginner Chess Camp Flyer